Let My People Come – a sexual musical


My angels, you must check out the very naughty revival of the 1974 musical LET MY PEOPLE COME.  I met the cast when Naked Highway performed on the same bill during the Robin Byrd Live show at Cutting Room back in February.  I’ve since seen the show twice and I’m in love with it! The show features songs with titles [...]

Free download! “Cause This” by Naked Highway

"Cause This" cover

My lovelies, to celebrate the fact that Naked Highway‘s latest single “Cause This” is receiving national airplay on over 70 dance radio stations across the United States (including NYC’s biggest dance station, WKTU!), the group is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD for a Tweet of the unreleased “Definitive Club Edit” version of the song. This remix can only be download through [...]

Michael Harren writes for Conversations With My Ex

Michael Harren Still 011

I wrote some music recently for a webseries that I am dearly in love with, Conversations With My Ex. My piece is at the end of episode 2, but I really do recommend that you watch the whole thing. It’s so well done, and created by my good friends Adam Fitzgerald and Blake Drummond at [...]

CD unboxing! All Time Low “Don’t Panic”


Please don’t hate me my little loves, I have not done a CD Unboxing video recently as I haven’t bought any new CDs!  However, here is a wonderful CD Unboxing video by Tree Wave….she is the CD Unboxing queen!

Japan Soul records “Plastic Utopia” Urban Campfire Live Edition


This weekend Japan Soul got together and recorded a live acoustic version of their debut single “Plastic Utopia”. For your listening pleasure: https://soundcloud.com/japansoul/plastic-utopia-urban-campfire

“Frances Ha” is a pretty good movie

Frances Ha poster from imdb

Go see this! It’s so good! If you’ve ever felt like ‘what am I doing here in NYC’ or ‘how old am I’ or ‘I really shouldn’t drink anymore in front of these people’ – then this might be a movie that you will enjoy! (Yes it’s all white people, but honestly, sometimes it’s like [...]

T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza Episode One!


Hey my loves! T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza Episode One aired on Brooklyn Cable Access a couple of months ago and features many #plusheartstar bands, including ATTACK.wav, Tanuki Suit, Little Big and Backlights! Hosted by T-Bone and produced by our very own Tree Wave! Take a look! It’ll take you back to a time when music videos [...]

Daft Punk “Get Lucky” cover by George Barnett


My sweethearts, I am going INSANE over this cover of Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky” feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers…by 19yo George Barnett.  I’m going on record to say that his is better than the original!  Judge for yourself!

Two plusheartstar bands & video shoot all in one night – can u dig??


Hey darlings, check it!  Both ATTACK.WAV and LITTLE,BIG will be performing at OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD  (538 E. 14th St. NYC) this Friday night May 10th! Not only is the event FREE but you will also have the opportunity to appear in LB’s new music video “Golden Sweater Vest” LB sez “It’s a dancy dancy disco song about [...]

CD unboxing! Derek Bishop and Paisley Fields

Derek Bishop & Paisley Fields on tour

Hey my darlings, welcome to my second CD unboxing video. There is nothing I love more than interesting packaging.  Especially now that the CD age is gone, it’s the packaging that’s going to make these things collectable. Today I’ve decided to focus on two acts I know, The Paisley Fields who are a country music [...]