ATTACK.WAV, VOWS & LITTLE, BIG live at Cake Shop 6/24 8PM! [X_X]v

Cake Shop flyer 06.24.13

Hey guys! ATTACK.WAV is playing with the always adorable Little, big (another plusheartstar band!) and VOWS about a week from now at cake shop!!!  You can RSVP for this once in a lifetime event on facebook and make us feel special (plz? thx!)  GO HERE AND SAY YES TO SYNTH NIGHT!!!

Here’s some more news to get stoked on.  Did you see the latest demo we posted on our soundcloud? Check it out

Also, we finally posted a live video from our last show (the one with little, Big at Otto’s Shrunken Head). It’s for the as of yet unreleased song, FUTURESHOCK, which we are currently recording.

Sorry, our video camera ran out of batteries at the beginning of the song, so we had to use some footage from the rest of the set in the beginning… Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!