Friday night dance party: SSION – FEELZ GOOD (4-EVR)

It’s raining outside! Were you really planning to go out? Yeah, me too, I was planning to go to the supermarket. Watch this video by SSION instead, it’s still early!

SSION’s other songs are also good, but I prefer to play this one on repeat. I’ve embedded a playlist below to save you some googling if you prefer more variety.

Hmm, YouTube says that SSION had a show at PS1 in 2011, so maybe you know all about this band already.

Purchase some SSION merch & music from their website or Amazon [aff].

Music discussion group: Have you been a SSION fan since before the PS1 show? What shows are you going to this weekend? I’m going to be practicing how to wink without moving the rest of my face!

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