Midweek Madness: Novelty record packaging, changes afoot at Atlantic Center, and so on

All we need is love & money

Yarn graffiti by Olek in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

How long does a yarn bomb last? Will it get all stretched out? And whatever happened to Wagga Wagga spiders?

¶ Are you fronting a band? Are you a woman? If so, you should apply for the Tinderbox Music Festival. The showcase is scheduled for November at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Apply now!

Cakeshop backstage

Exclusive backstage photo!

¶ The VowsLittle, Big, and ATTACK.WAV show at Cake Shop was amazing, as expected! We will be posting an in-depth article on the show soon.

 Team PHS released their first compilation album, “First Date”. Click here for the full track listing. We’re making CDs cool again!

Kontor record player

What the stuff?

¶ Meanwhile, record label Kontor is sending out promo records. Each record comes with its own “office turntable” made out of the packaging material and a smartphone app. Suspicious? Confused? We are too, and here we are talking about it anyway. See it in action for yourself. [via Design Taxi]

Japan Soul slugs away, finishing last 4 tracks of debut album for the fall release. This is what slugging looks like.

MAC kiosk¶ Things are changing at Atlantic Center. A new MAC kiosk is open. Target has seriously upgraded their peanut butter selectionVictoria’s Secret is closed for renovations, and the store that sells smelly soaps and candles is also “temporarily” closed. Thankfully, Gamestop is still the same, but what is going on? Is the mall getting a makeover? Is this the hand of Hova at work? Can we have a Uniqlo?

Michael Harren Michael Harren has recorded and mixed his debut single “Go” for July 10th release. He’s also sitting in on piano for a few songs this Saturday for John Andrew Morrison‘s “Youngish” at the Laurie Beechman Theater. Event details here.

Little, Big was clearly up to no good this past weekend.

¶ Oh, and thanks SCOTUS for doing the right thing!

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