Friday Night Dance Party: LCD Soundsystem — “Losing My Edge”

Did you see that recent Buzzfeed article “30 Signs You’re Almost 30“? I really connected with about 20 of the list items. So it seems appropriate for tonight’s FNDP feature to be an ancient song by a band that no longer exists:

By the way, if you’re looking for something to do on Saturday night, you should go see Thermite‘s debut show at Trash Bar! [FB details]

And these things are also happening around town:

  • Bug-themed children’s festival in the Waterfront District (with compost collection) [FB details]
  • Abstract string orchestra performance , Terry Riley’s C in Fort Green Park [FB details]
  • A birthday party for a one-year-old
  • Dinner with in-laws
  • Kaiju Big Battel, monster mayhem [Rocks Off] (Ok no one invited me to this but I wish someone did.)

(This is what you get invited to when you’re old! Really, you should go to Trash Bar and listen to some live music while you still can!)

What else is going on this weekend? Whatever happened to just ordering takeout and watching movies together? Is there really anything more fun than that?

P.S., you can still buy music from LCD Soundsystem (Amazon)


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