Friday night dance party: We Are The Physics — Napoleon Loves Josephine

We Are The Physics is the best mutant science punk rock band of all time! And Napoleon Loves Josephine is my favorite song ever for pre-party preparations! It takes me a long time to get ready, so I made a playlist that features just this song 15 times. Here it is below, have a listen!

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So… are you ready to go out now? Where are you going tonight? Isn’t WATP so kawaii???

If you’re heading into the city, come hang out with us at Just Panic and Get It Over With, an art opening/album release party in Soho with a special acoustic performance by electropop singer Derek Nicoletto.  What does acoustic electropop sound like? Who knows? [details / Facebook event] Afterwards, we’ll be at the Visible from Space show in the LES for some bluesy rock [details / Facebook event]. But first, let’s listen to Napoleon Loves Josephine again!

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