Here’s your stick

Dear synthpoppers,

I direct your attention to the right side of this gif. Saw Wave has done something amazing here.


[Ed. note: Click to view an enhanced image.]

To set the scene: we are mid-song, playing continuous, pulsing rhythms for your enjoyment. No beat can be missed, no key can be un-keyed— or else the whole ship might sink. This is the dao of attack.wav, and it is part of the reason why you should never miss our shows: one day, the whole thing may explode, and you’ll want to be there to see it. Trust me.

So, at this crucial moment in the song “Fragile,” a miracle happens. As you can see, Michael has done a thing. After deftly turning a page in his top-secret book of lost tales, he was violently struck in the leg by my errant drum stick. What did he do next? Well, being half-feline, half-man and mostly robot, he did only what a true Saw Wave could do: he reached down with his right paw, grabbed my drumstick, handed it to me and resumed playing whilst never missing a key with his left paw. Sick, right?

Seriously, though. This was a great moment. All part of the thing that is attack.wav. Never forget.

Yours truly,

Sine Wave