Last Week’s Party: Just Panic and Get It Over With

Last week, Pulse and Saw and I went to a collaborative art opening/album release party. The weather was terrible and there were air kisses everywhere! I don’t know how to write about events, obvi. Fortunately, we met luke kurtis, one of the artists featured at the opening, and he took these photos and made a video that will explain everything!


Thanks luke! Check out his work at! His next-level pop-art-ish collages were at the show! You should get one!

After that, Saw ditched us for some other friends. No matter! Pulse & I stomped through the rain to get delicious food at Pho Grand. Pulse also got this egg soda which I would have taken a picture of but I was busy feeling sick from the beer I had earlier (see previous PSA). And then we went to see  Visible from Space!

Visible from Space at Tammany Hall

Visible from Space at Tammany Hall

The VFS keyboardist also plays guitar and harmonica. Pulse doesn’t believe that ATTACK.WAV would benefit from a harmonica. I think he should be more open-minded. Then VFS played this song and everyone started dancing with umbrellas and waving their napkins around.

Then it was over, Pulse left, I tagged along with some other friends to go eat disco fries and yucca fries! And then it was like 11 o’clock so I had to go home. THE END.

What did you do last Friday night? Do you have any regrets? Can we pretend PHS is like a popular Gawker site and you could post some reaction gifs in the comments?

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