Levi Kreis & Jared Jones present… “Gonna Be Alright”!

Hot off the heels of his newly released album, Imagine Paradise, Tony Award winner Levi Kreis releases a new maxi-single Gonna Be Alright – the debut release on super-producer Jared Jones new label JRed Music.  The single features remixes by PlusHeartStar mainstays Naked Highway & many more.

“I wrote the song a while back actually, in 2004.  I was going through a dark period,” says Kreis.  “The ‘struggling artist’ syndrome where you have no food, you can’t pay rent, the lights are off in your apartment and you begin to wonder what’s so great about chasing your dreams.  Coming through dark periods in my life though…I dunno, I had a glimpse of hope, or rather, a streak of logic.  The fact is, Life is Intelligent, and it always supports Itself.  It supports Itself through us as well.  Life may not turn out exactly the way we would like to “make” it turn out, but the truth is, it always works out.”

“A few years ago I was asked to remix ‘Gonna Be Alright’ by Levi’s former manager,” recalls Jones. “I completed the remix and loved it! At some point there was a decision to re-record the vocals to better fit with a BPM more suited to dance music. I stuck to my guns about wanting to keep my original house remix, as I felt it was a very strong mix. So fast forward to the summer of 2011 and Levi contacts me himself to remix the single ‘So Much Better’ from his new album Imagine Paradise. After we had talked and established a friendship I proposed the idea of releasing ‘Gonna Be Alright.’ After all of these years my original remix can finally be heard on Gonna Be Alright (The House Mixes).”

“I’m really enjoying getting to know the other DJs,” says Kreis, “A lot of talent is represented in this remix package.  And for that, I am grateful.”

As for future projects between Levi Kreis and JRed, “We currently don’t have any future projects set in stone,” says Jones. “I personally would love to work with Levi again.”

Buy the single on iTunes… HERE and HERE!

About nakedhighway

Naked Highway is a multimedia electro-glam outfit from NYC, and most definitely the club-kid of the #plusheartstar family! Skating a thin line between clubby beats & new wave sensibilities, Naked Highway’s recent string of DJ-friendly singles & viral music videos provide a blueprint for group’s impending world domination.