Midsummer Yoko

ATTACK.WAV’s Pulse Wave and I were talking this morning about anti-summer songs because we both hate summer and I remembered this classic from Yoko Ono. It’s a little hard to tell if this is an anti-summer song, but everything she touches, sees and in fact the WHOLE WORLD is shaking and aching. I mean, that can’t be good, can it?

So, my love for Yoko Ono is not ironic, I promise. An old neighbor of mine insisted on loaning me his copy of her Rising CD at some point in the mid-90s, knowing somehow that I would like it. He was right. The title track grabbed me in a way that is really hard to express. I find it fascinating that her work is so very unique and she persists and remains true to herself in spite of the fact that many people see her as a joke. More and more people are beginning to catch on to her awesomeness, as she’s had multiple dance hits over the past few years and people dig into her back catalogue to discover its depth.

So yeah, she remains one of my top 5 artists of all time and is an inspiration to me even as she enters her 80s as ballsy and vital as ever. She has a new album coming out in September. Here’s a preview from her Soundcloud page:

I love you, Yoko!

About Michael Harren

Brooklyn-based composer and performer Michael Harren combines elements of classical composition with experimental electronics and storytelling to create his hypnotic and boldly intimate work. Michael Harren tours as pianist with Sandra Bernhard, plays bass synth in ATTACK.WAV, is a regular member of The Secret City band, and has performed at Dixon Place, (le) poisson rouge, Joe’s Pub, Judson Memorial Church, Manhattan Theater Source, The Duplex, Don’t Tell Mama, The Laurie Beechman Theater as well as numerous venues around the country.


  1. OMG i love yoko ono! severely underrated wonderful creative woman! she follows NH on twitter which is crazy!