Midweek Madness: Animal-free edition

1. Not content with being just a feminist, Ryan Gosling is demanding equality for animals too! Vegans and vegetarians everywhere are swooning. I didn’t even know he could write! [“A tiny cage is not a life” — The Globe and Mail]

Leah Coloff

Leah Coloff

2. Speaking of ethical people, Michael Harren‘s podcast MikeyPod has just turned 8! Listen to episode 0 or the latest, episode 170, featuring cellist Leah Coloff.

3. Here’s a frozen dessert that is cow-pus free: Prosecco sorbet [Jezebel]. If you don’t like alcohol or ice cream makers, here is a Strawberry Granita recipe from Epicurious for you. P.S., yesterday I saw this everything-free faux ice cream at the fancy bodega called Wink and it was terrible. Don’t get it! It’s like gummy frozen water!

That’s all I got for non-animal-violence. Moving on:

4. Japan Soul releases their new single “Hey Yah Hey”. This is the prelude to their forthcoming LP Plastic Utopia. Listen on Bandcamp.

Every Noise at Once - Genre Map

Every Noise At Once

5. This website is amazing: you can listen to Every Noise At Once, “an algorithmically-generated map of the musical genre-space.” They’ve covered everything, even freak folkatmospheric black metalaggrotech, and intelligent dance music.

6. Pulse Wave recommends the new Holy Ghost video, Teenagers in Heat. It’s “very OMD,” he says.

7. Sy has traded his clamshell for a smartphone! Follow him on Twitter/Vine/Facebook/Tumblr to keep up with all his projects. Here are just a few:

8. Not to be outdone, Dave from Naked Highway has his own David Lee Rotten solo project, and recently recorded the vocals for two RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni, including one of the winners! Details forthcoming!

9. Adventure Time fans (with iPhones or iPads)! Download this Beemo app!

How’s your week going? Have you seen The Heat yet? Or Pacific Rim? What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment with whatever!

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