Midweek Madness – Free music, Mormons, and punks

CMJ Mixtape July 2013 Free music! Little, Big says: You forgot to make that playlist for your July 4th BBQ? Yeah, Thursday holidays are tough. Solution: Grab the July 2013 Mixtape from CMJ. We recommend skipping directly to track 22 and listening to our new brand new single “Golden Sweater Vest” on repeat, but then you’d miss some awesome new tunes by Hunx And His Punx, Maps, and more. Download the mixtape here.

¶ Was this the inspiration for The Book of Mormon (not that other Book of Mormon)?

¶ A new neighborhood grows in Brooklyn! And it is called Parkwanus! We’re excited about it, even if Gothamist isn’t. (via Welcome To “Parkwanus,” The New Brooklyn Neighborhood Nobody Asked For – Gothamist)

tbex1-title¶ Remember T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza? The second episode has met with endless delays, and, frankly, things seemed dire for the highly-acclaimed public access show. However, our sources say that the crew is scheduled to start shooting interviews in late August. Our fingers are crossed!

PUNK_landing4¶ The Met’s new exhibition, PUNK: Chaos to Couture looks pretty cool! They say it will  “examine punk’s impact on high fashion from the movement’s birth in the early 1970s through its continuing influence today.”  So the exhibit might also be pretty annoying, but that’s also kinda PUNK, right?


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