Midweek Madness – Go, MIA, and a PSA

Michael Harren released Go today. He writes: This song was written in memory of my mother, Donna Harren, who passed away on July 10, 2012. You could say it’s a kind of loving send off to her spirit and and invitation to meet again. I hope this song can bring some comfort to others who are also experiencing loss.

Mtv VMAs in Brooklyn¶ The MTV Video Awards are scheduled to “make history” at Barclays Center on August 25th. However, Brooklyn residents are growing concerned about the chaos that the award show will create: “Will there be fans on my lawn? Limos in our parking spots? Tour vans in our parking spots? Also what about parking?” Sources say that MTV’s response has been mostly like, “NBD, we’re talking to the mayor’s office. Also, it’s still July and it only takes a month for load-in.”

Naked Highway has remixed again! This time for Inner City‘s classic track Good Life. Listen and vote for it on Beatport Play!

MIA and Japan Soul are simpatico for at least one hot tweet:


According to IGN, the Persona 5 domain name has been registered! Does this mean what we want it to mean?

¶ And lastly, a PSA, because we want our readers to live happy, long lives — especially our Asian boozer friends: The “Asian flush” means you’re at high risk for getting esophageal cancer. Maybe you should try meditation to relax instead?

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