Midweek Madness: Text-only Edition

It’s not clear that anyone reads these and I’m getting carpal tunnel, so there are no pictures this week! You don’t mind right?

PSA: Music sounds better when it’s louder, but it also sounds better when you don’t have tinnitus or hearing loss. The NYC Health Department says that almost 25% of 18 to 44 year olds who frequently listen to loud headphones report hearing problems. Don’t become a statistic!

Japan Soul is releasing their Hey Yah Hey single July 23rd. This video has been so hush-hush, it must be epic. I’m pretty excited to finally see it!

¶ For those of you who like to pretend to like being outdoors in the summer: did you know there are free movies at Brooklyn Bridge Park every Thursday night? Next week (7/25) is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!  There are also pre-movie DJs at 6pm and a short film! That’s so Brooklyn! More details from the Dumbo BID.

¶ Michael Harren is joining Sandra Effing Bernhard as pianist on her tour this summer! YAAAAAYYY!!! [show dates]

¶ Finally we can order custom-printed products from a cell phone! So convenient! Check out Ebay Exact if you’re interested. I don’t have an iPhone, so if you do download it, let us know if it’s cool! [via VentureBeat]

¶ HuffPo says that this is NSFW, so I won’t embed it: Twerking To Classical Part 2: High Class Male Makeover (NSFW VIDEO). I don’t think it’s that bad, do you?

Pulse & Saw Waves are totally into the same kind of music right now. Maybe you will like it too?

“Speed of Light” by Jenn Vix with Reeve Gabriels

Naked by RUWA

“Ballet School Heartbeat Overdrive” by Bella Union


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