Midweek Madness: Busy people edition

We have so much to catch up on! Sorry! We’ve been busy! I’m sure you’re busy too, so let’s keep this week’s post short.

1. Did you know you can bake hard-boiled eggs?! In the oven!! Think of how many eggs you could bake all at the same time! (h/t Reign of Error)

NYC Cassette Fair2. Save the date (please)! Saturday, September 7th, 2013. NYC’s first ever cassette fair! More details to come! Just pencil it in, any time between 5pm-midnight. [Facebook event page]

3. Save 2+ hours of your life and don’t watch Pacific Rim. The story’s boring and the monsters aren’t that great and who even cares about the robots. It’s possible that the movie is better on IMAX but I doubt it.

Poptronik Volume 2 cover4. This Beat is… Poptronik Volume 2 hits all leading digital retailers on August 27th. The compilation features Naked Highway, Frankmusik, Dangerous Muse…and even Carmen Electra! It’s good to listen to fast, upbeat music, because it will keep you awake while you are at work.

5. If you’re busy because you have to work a lot of hours in order to make not enough money, here is a tip for your next career move: Don’t be a musician! As proof, here’s an infographic! How Musicians Really Make Money in One Long Graph, via The Atlantic.

Little, Big with their record, Edgewood6. Earlier in August, Little, Big pressed their new album Edgwood in this pretty, tie-dye green vinyl! You can buy one of your very own from their Bandcamp shop. LB had a record release show last weekend as well, with Plushgun and Kawabunga Tyga, and it was awesome! We will post more details in Last Week’s Partywhen we have time.

7. And finally, don’t have time to order a totoro plush online and wait for shipping? Turn your cat into one instead! DO IT!!! (h/t Pulse Wave via Kotaku)

Thank you for reading this week’s Midweek Madness. Your time is valuable and we appreciate the time you spend with us.

Feature image from Pacific Rim.

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