Midweek Madness: Spendthrift edition

Summer’s almost over, and it’s time to start preparing for fall and purchasing loads of crap so you don’t have to leave your apartment in the winter! Some people purchase pumpkin-scented candles and hand sanitizer to welcome autumn, but Team PHS is shopping for more synth stuff!

Korg MS-20

Korg MS-20, with owner below

1. On the shopping list:

2. Personally, I’ve been buying a lot of tape. Both adhesive tapes (decorative) and cassette tapes. Perhaps you are thinking, “People still sell cassette tapes?” YES! We got ours at Tapes.com: they’re open to the public, have great customer service, and they’re cheap as hell!

3. “Why are you buying cassettes?” you ask? Because the cassette is 50 years old this month and we’re celebrating at the NYC Cassette Fair and Show (at Silent Barn, in conjunction with Cassette Store Day)! It’s next Saturday! Bring some tapes so we can trade. There will be 7+ bands and lots of cassettes. We will have our PHS comp #1 available on a very limited edition tape. You will definitely want to have this in your collection of stuff you don’t have room for. [Facebook event page]

Jukebox at Film Biz Recycling

photo by Naked Highway

4. If records are more your thing, go to Film Biz Recycling and hang out in their record listening station! The store is kind of like a thrift shop/prop shop — everything there comes from the movie/tv/theater community. Look at this amazing jukebox!

5. Another thing you can purchase: the new Naked Highway single comes out on the 3rd! Alternately, you could become a DJ so you can get exclusive early promos yesterday.

6. Speaking of the future, we are really excited about the arrival of Uniqlo to the neighborhood! The empty location where Daffy’s used to be is now covered with Uniqlo ads. (Generally we’re against the mall-ification of Brooklyn, but Atlantic Center is already a mall, so…)

7. Back to indie stuff you can throw cash at: Look at all the fun Michael Harren had at his first weekend with Sandra Bernhard! He’s added to two more shows in October (details here). To see Michael on a budget, we recommend getting tickets to his Tentative Armor show at Judson Memorial Church at the end of September. His last show was standing-room only, so don’t procrastinate on this!


What’s on your shopping list? Isn’t fall the best season? Do you think maybe climate change could make the east coast climate more like the west coast’s? Let us know in the comments!

(p.s. All Amazon links are affiliate links, because we are delusional optimists.)

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