Watch Now: Hey Yah Hey by Japan Soul

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Japan Soul’s Hey Yah Hey video! I’ve been dying to see this, ever since those leaked animal mask stills. Turns out, the video’s not about animals at all, but I still like it!

“Under drone surveillance in Paris, three artists fight back and assert their creative identities.”

Directed by Christopher Arcella

For more Japan Soul, check out their interview on We Listen Hear.

Music video discussion group: If you saw a drone following you, what would you do? What if you saw a circle of drones? What is the rabbit doing to the book at 2:52? Would you rather speak French or English? 

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  1. I kind of want to try and answer these questions. Some of it could be ‘SPOILER’!

    Using survival knowledge from this video, if I were being followed by a surveillance drone I’d immediately put on a mask (preferably an animal mask).

    If I were being followed by a circle of drones, that would actually be terrifying. In all seriousness, US drones mean something pretty horrible, even sinister when used overseas. So just like the characters, I would RUN!

    What is the rabbit doing at 2:52? I have no idea! It seems like he’s trying to transmit some sort of secret, coded message to the group with performance art. The girl gets it.

    I wouldn’t mind knowing how to speak French (or any other language with some degree of proficiency).