Goin’ Under with Superstar DJ Christy Love!

NY club icon Christy Love, one half of the DJ duo House of Stank, recently unleashed her debut single “It’s Goin’ Under” featuring vocals by none other than Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic.  Already setting dance floors on fire, I recently caught up with the lovely Ms. Love to find out how this delicious slice of girl power came to be!

Christy! How did your new single come about?  

Ana and I have always wanted to work together, musically. Intentions were always good, but the timing was never quite right. I started working on this track over a year ago and played it for Ana last November. She fell in love and wanted to record some vocals over it. The rest is HERstory.

How did you first get involved with Ana?

I’ve known Ana for many years and she is my best girl. She is one of the first people I met when I moved to NYC (from SF) through our mutual friends, Tai and Corey. Ana also moved here from SF a few months before me. We couldn’t believe (and still can’t) that we both lived in SF at the same time and never knew each other. Guess it happens when it needs to.

In the fall of 2000, Ana started this party called Knock-Off with Corey and another friend of ours, Tom, at a cool lounge in the LES called The Slipper Room. Tai worked the door at first, but then soon became a weekly performer. Then soon after I started performing, too. Week after week we performed both solo and group numbers, some tightly choreographed and some a muthafuckin’ hot mess, but all amazing.

It was here that Ana and I really bonded. We discovered that were very similar creatures and both needed the three F’s in our lives: fierce female friend.

When Scissor Sisters made it big, Ana was away on the road for weeks at a time, which was hard on all of us – especially her. She asked me to come out with her and the band to sell t-shirts and keep her company. I toured with Scissor Sisters for 5 months, with the usual 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off routine.

We went across America 3 times, across Canada and spent 3 weeks in the UK, which was insane, due to the band’s popularity over there. I met thousands of fans and amazingly cool people from all over. Truly one of the best (and most difficult) times of my life. Toured with a famous band? Yep. Bucket list, checked.

Let’s go back a bit further! When did you first become interested in dance music and how did you first team up with W.Jeremy?

Jesus. Where do I begin? I was a child in the 70′s. I loved disco and Bowie and Motown and everything else my dad listened to, because he had AWESOME taste in music and knew EVERYTHING. I got my love of music from him. I have always really been into Duran Duran and dance artists like Chic and Kraftwerk inspired the majority of their tracks. Their remixes were definitely dance club worthy tracks, as a few members of the band were (and still are) DJs. I think listening to them and learning about their influences exposed me to a whole different world of music than the average WV teen.

In 1987, I saw Erasure for the first time when they opened for Duran on their Notorious tour.  Andy Bell blew my mind.  I had never seen a man dress that way or sing like that.  I fell in love with that sound.  I was already into Depeche Mode and New Order, so it fit.  The next year I started working in a local record store (in WV) and happened across Nitzer Ebb with my good friend, Carl. We kept our ears to the ground and discovered other industrial artists like Meat Beat Manifesto (Jack Dangers!!!!), Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Frontline Assembly – and were loving it all!

Our friend David went to London in 1989 and came back with several “rave” tapes and we were hooked. We found a club in Charlotte, NC called Park Elevator, which became our new home. They played industrial dance and techno tracks like Human Resource’s “The Dominator” and Eon’s “The Spice”. Fuck, that club was everything!

I moved to Philly in the early 90′s and heard Cajmere’s “The Percolator” for the first time at “Revival”, a church turned club. My life would never be the same… in SF in the mid-90′s I was always on the scene – at every party, every night. If it was happening, I knew about it and was there. The funny thing about SF is that 2 major people in my life were running in the same circles as me, yet we never met until we moved here.

The first was Ana, of course, then Jeremy. I met him through our mutual friends James and Tai (yeah, Tai is a connector). I had heard he was a really good DJ through Tai and that he had been a resident DJ at The End Up and the flagship Diesel store in SF. When Mr. Black first opened in 2006, I approached Jeremy and asked him if he would be interested in doing a party with me and the 2 of us teamed up with another DJ, Seth Kirby, added Ana as our Mistress of Ceremonies and STANK was born.

At STANK, Jeremy and I just clicked. We wanted the same things. We weren’t doing it because wanted to party, we could do that anywhere. It was all about the music. That weekly party started us on a new career path as producers under the name that most people now know us as, House of Stank.

Do you feel that as a female producer and DJ, that you have been treated differently than your male counterparts?

Short answer, yes. I am rarely automatically treated as anyone’s equal, musically. I remember when we first started, a club owner once thought I was Jeremy’s girlfriend as opposed to his partner. Boy was he surprised! I run a label, I produce music and I DJ. Sometimes I feel like I have to work twice as hard to get half the respect. I have torn up so many clubs in this city, yet I get half the gigs as my peers. It’s tough, but I do it because I love it. That makes all the bullshit worth it. But that issue isn’t limited to the music industry, my friend…

What new risks, rewards and challenges have you faced, not just as an artist, but also in running a label?

There are always risks and hurdles involved when you produce anything creatively. You just have to roll with it. The reward is the feeling of accomplishment you get from doing what you love. To me, success is the journey.

I’ve noticed that you and W.Jeremy have been DJing and producing separately, will there be more House of Stank to come?

I’ve been getting this question left and right lately. Jeremy and I have been DJing, producing and working on the record label together for so long now that we both felt like it was time to branch out a little and do our own thing. It doesn’t mean that House of Stank is over, by any means. We’re actually about to start working on a remix for a track by Hannah Holland coming out on our label this fall.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else… Jeremy is my home, my partner and my brother. So yes, definitely more to come from House of Stank. 

Christy Love and Ana Matronic will appear at Westgay September 10th!
Here’s the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1411791995714562/

Learn more about Christy Love here:



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