Thermite is a band

This is our story: Greg was born when a tree got soaked in beer spilled by a hipster and somehow one of its roots impregnated the hipster. It was a cloudy day and Greg was born immediately. Evan was born when a cathode and a diode got together and dematerialized a gazillion nematodes. For a time, the world was free of nematodes and Evan was the lord of the land. I was born when two peach cobbler cells divided and came in contact with some Baskin Robbins Baseball Nut Ice Cream. Somehow, I’ve avoided the diabetes.

We all started playing music at a certain time and then we kept on playing. Below is our debut EP. We have a song called “Dick in a Wheelchair.” This music instructor recommends that you “do not drop down too fast on the descent because it’s making your head bounce.” Sounds like bad advice to me, what do you think? Let us know.

Also, please buy me or yourself these pants.