Precious Christmas (feat. Smeagol)

This is a Christmas song. Somehow Gollum got in the mix and now I can’t tell the difference between Gandalf and Santa. One of them rides a sleigh? And hobbits live on The North Pole? The North Pole. Definitely. Elves are everywhere though, for sure. Gotta have some elves. It never works without them. No [...]

Marina at the Armory

It’s the holidays, the bands are on hiatus, and I am becoming a danger to myself and society. There are limited opportunities for me to play drums and be musical, which are my favorite things in the world. I wander the streets in a daze looking for things to bang on, like trash cans and bollards. (Of the [...]

#TBT Last Year’s Model “All I Want for Christmas is You” (Mariah Carey Cover)


It’s #ThrowbackThursday!!! Brooklyn band Last Year’s Model (which has since morphed into PHS band Attack.Wav) did this awesome cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” and though the band is technically no more   this is always a fun video to pull out!  Enjoy!

CD Unboxing! JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound “Howl”

jc brooks1

It’s been a while since we’ve done a CD Unboxing video, mainly because I haven’t bought any CDs!  JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound recently played The Bell House in Brooklyn and I picked up their CD…and a broken tambourine.  Details in the video below…

Hit Songs Intended for Someone Else!


Call it the luck of the draw.  Call it a twist of fate.  Sometimes circumstances arise, record company shenanigans or a difference in taste, which allow a song rejected by one artist to be picked up by another who achieves success with it!  One is left wondering if the original artist is banging their heads [...]

Hentai Corporation – Leavin’ It to Beaver (NSFW)


First off, a huge thank you to Mike Enders of Accidental Bear for bringing this music video by Hentai Corporation to our attention.  I cannot stop watching it!  I mean, for obvious reasons yes but you’ve got to love the Dirty Dancing tribute about half-way through. NSFW kids!

How Ice Cream Sundaes Were Invented


I thought this was a joke, but upon further research it’s appears to be true! Watch the following video, courtesy of Robot Chicken   And further more, as sales of the dessert continued on Mondays, local leaders then objected to naming the dish after the Sabbath, so the spelling of the name was changed to [...]

No One is More Fierce Than Sasha Colby!


This video is certainly not new…but it is compelling evidence that Sasha Colby is one of the most fierce people performing today.  This video is somewhat life changing.  Get into it!  

What’s In My Bag? [Post Show Edition]


Tree Wave shows us what it takes to be a musician in NYC. What’s in your bag?  Let us know in the comments!

Mercurial – A Short Film – 12 Q&A’s with Director Sasha Santiago


Watch the new short film Mercurial at 1.What is the first movie you remember watching that made you want to make a movie yourself? My father took me to go see Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy on its opening weekend. This was the summer of 1990. I remember not wanting to leave the theater after the movie finished. [...]