Aussie Web Series ‘The Horizon’ Returns for a 3rd Season!

My darlings! Color me officially obsessed by the Australian web series The Horizon!  It’s become my guilty pleasure.  Each episode runs a little under 10 minutes and each is a tasty morsel of Aussie hotness packed into candy-coated bite-size pieces.

Already in it’s third season, you don’t need to watch the whole series to get the full story, as episode one of Season Three starts with a recap – though Season Two is quite good too, and it’s first episode starts with a recap as well.  Not crazy about Season One – the creators really hit their stride with Season Two in my opinion – and Sam David Harris who plays Mickey in Season Two is worth the price of admission alone!

The series revolves around Jake and his flat mate, drag queen Wilma Bumhurts.  Jake’s friends Millie and her boyfriend Mickey come to crash.  Drama ensues when Mickey hooks up with Jake’s bad news boyfriend AJ, which leads to Mickey robbing Wilma and running away.  Needless to say Jake and AJ break up as a result.  Season Three picks up in the aftermath of the drama…AJ has moved on, Mickey is missing, Jake and Millie are sulking and Wilma…is happy being Wilma.

Visit for further episodes and info.

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  1. Hey I’m the writer/director/producer of The Horizon. I’m glad you’re enjoying the show and appreciate you helping spread the word! There’s plenty of drama coming up so stay tuned.
    :-) Boaz

    • Stephen Mc Rae says:

      Mr.Boaz, I am such a HUGE fan of The Horizon webseries!!!! I am so thankful I came across it on YouTube. Every day I tell a friend of mine that they MUST watch this series!!!! It is the BEST web series, hell the best series period. I have EVER watched on the web or television!!!! Bravo to you and your staff, crew, ect. on such a FANTASTIC show!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.