George Alley Demands Your “Undivided Attention”

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Mr. George Alley. He’s an established choreographer, curator of the COLLAGE festival in Philadelphia and is the co-host of the controversial top-ten podcast, I’m Going to Kill You. You can learn more about his various projects on his web site.

Alley released his latest video on Black Friday with “Undivided Attention” (Available on iTunes)!  The video marks his third collaboration with director Adam Peditto and the song’s producer Sy Boccari of Naked Highway and Plus Heart Star.

His music was also used in a recent Slick It Up commercial featuring Amanda Lapore…




Also check out Alley’s previous efforts, “Smoke” and “Summer Trophies”

About nakedhighway

Naked Highway is a multimedia electro-glam outfit from NYC, and most definitely the club-kid of the #plusheartstar family! Skating a thin line between clubby beats & new wave sensibilities, Naked Highway’s recent string of DJ-friendly singles & viral music videos provide a blueprint for group’s impending world domination.