Blue Is the Warmest Color – Less sexy than expected!

blue-warmest-posterSo there’s a 7-minute sex scene in Blue is the Warmest Color. And there are a few other shorter bonus sex scenes. But that still leaves well over 2 hours and 45 minutes of non-sex scenes.

Personally, I thought the camera in Blue was way too close to be sexy. The kissing, the crying, the eating, the sexing, all too close! It reminded me of Warhol’s videos of people eating, like  more off-putting than arousing.

Making matters even less sexy, during all these closeups you could hear everything. Like lots of wet sounds. And there was no background music to soften it. In fact, there was no soundtrack at all except when there was actually music in the  setting.

I didn’t notice this until there was a party scene and the Lykke Li I Follow Rivers song started playing. I immediately felt SO SAD, like I actually cared about the characters for the first time.

DESPITE ALL THIS, you should still watch this movie because it’s about girls and everyone says it’s important. Plus, it’s actually not that tedious for a 3-hour movie. It felt way faster than King Kong, for instance.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think? Didn’t the high school teachers seem overly interested in discussing love with their students? Like really prying!

Blue Is the Warmest Color is still playing at IFC Center! Go check it out!


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