Luther Vandross, My Family, and the Awkward Power of Love Songs


All I need to pick out Luther Vandross’s graceful, rotund tenor is a moment. I know its steady, controlled timbre, its rounding curves of Billy D-smoothness even when it dopplers past me from a Lexus RX doing 60 up Bedford Avenue. It’s about as familiar to me as the left and right turns I have [...]


Still 4

PlusHeartStar’s very own Naked Highway has just launched a new web series!  ‘Cooking with Naked Highway’ features their perspectives on ‘Vegan stoner cuisine’ from their studio in Greenpoint , Brooklyn!  For the first episode, they create their oun spin on the classic Brownie in a Mug!  Each episode will feature a performance (usually while things [...]

Midweek Madness: Meltdown Edition

Gaultier exhibit at Brooklyn Museum

Happy Year of the Horse kids! Lots of things are supposed to happen this year! Bad things, and good things, just no in-between things!