Midweek Madness: Meltdown Edition

horse sculpture

Horse! (from Wikimedia)

Happy Year of the Horse kids! Lots of things are supposed to happen this year! Bad things, and good things, just no in-between things!

Gaultier exhibit at Brooklyn Museum1. The Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit is still open at the Brooklyn Museum! You should go early and bring a snack, the lines are long. Also, the exhibit itself is pretty exhausting and a little claustrophobic towards the end so don’t forget your glucose tablets.

Video editing2. T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza 2 has been postponed indefinitely. The show’s producer has decided to make money instead of bad tv shows. Also BCAT won’t reply to her emails regarding a new air date.

2. Cacaw is playing this Saturday, 9 pm at Spectrum. You should go see them. Or, if you like, you can listen to them covering Atoms for Peace first:

3. This weather!!! What is there to say? At least there aren’t bats falling from the sky! [HuffPo].

Dana Young Jewelry4. Dana Young has more cute smiling whale jewelry in her shop! Check them out! They are the perfect antidote to falling bats!

5. Naked Highway is playing at “Cupid is Dead and So Is Lou Reed” in Philadelphia. On Valentine’s Day, obvs! [Facebook event]

6. Shirley Manson took BuzzFeed’s Alt Grrrl Quiz & didn’t get herself! Lulz, I got Kim Deal, who’d you get? Hey if Shirley Manson got Kim Deal too does that mean I’m both of them? [Gawker]

7. This isn’t happening until March, but you can never be too prepared: Michael Harren is playing at Dixon Place and tickets can be purchased online. It’s hilarious and sad and beautiful all at once and so why not buy them now?

8. I strongly disliked Her, how about you?

Honestly, did you really like Her? What kind of boots do you have? TELL ME ABOUT THEM!!! 

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