DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon’s Turn Down for What – Gr8st Music Video Ever


Watch it here. Prepare for your life to be changed.

evan^patrick reveals new video for single “Body”, filmed in Taiwanese love hotels


Here’s a really beautifully shot video by evan^patrick. The following write up is from evan^patrick’s press release and well worth reading for insights into the song and video. Brooklyn-based musician/producer, evan^patrick has partnered up with The Deli Magazine to premiere the video for “Body,” the first single off his debut EP, night visions.  Produced, directed and edited by evan^patrick, the music [...]

Read “deviations”, a novel by Christopher Arcella

deviations (1)

Japan Soul “Hey Yah Hey” video director Christopher Arcella has written a new novel called “deviations” and it’s up on sale at Amazon.

It’s only $5 and I can’t recommend this book enough.