evan^patrick reveals new video for single “Body”, filmed in Taiwanese love hotels

Here’s a really beautifully shot video by evan^patrick.

The following write up is from evan^patrick’s press release and well worth reading for insights into the song and video.

Brooklyn-based musician/producer, evan^patrick has partnered up with The Deli Magazine to premiere the video for “Body,” the first single off his debut EP, night visions.  Produced, directed and edited by evan^patrick, the music video was inspired by the over-the-top design of Asian “love hotels” and was shot on location in Taiwan. Using the various theme rooms of these hotels as a starting point, evan^patrick wrote a dual narrative exploring ideas of location, desire and body-image through an unapologetically sexy, stylish and emotional lens. The video reflects evan^patrick’s interest in filmmakers like Michael Mann (“Heat,” “Miami Vice”) and Nicholas Winding-Refn (“Drive”) whose subdued emotional tone with a distinctive visual flair influenced both the video for “Body” and the overall aesthetic of the night visions EP.

The single “Body” is described by evan^patrick as “a song about lusting after bodies in the digital age.” He explains,”Things like virtual sex, internet porn and browsing through dating/hook-up websites allow (maybe even encourage) us to obsess over physical details. So I’m exploring that idea in the verses.  Then the chorus is a classic-sounding R&B come-on, where I ask the absurdly arrogant question, ‘how’s your body?’  And even though it’s an unreasonable question, maybe the directness is a turn-on.”
The video was conceived in Brooklyn and shot in Taiwan during the summer of 2013, while evan^patrick was visiting in-laws. “For the video, I didn’t want to emphasize the potentially exploitative aspects of the lyrics, but I still wanted it to be sexy,” he says. “I wrote many treatments, none of which were able to be sexy without also being misogynistic. Then, while I was looking for weird places to visit in Taipei, I stumbled across the phenomena of Asian ‘love hotels.’ These hotels are made specifically for couples to go and be intimate, because of a lack of personal space in their inter-generational homes, or a need for comfortable privacy to cheat on a wife/husband. The hotel rooms are spacious with crazy interior design.  They also have themes like ‘jungle room,’ ‘outer space room’ and even a ‘batman room.’ Seeing the pictures, I knew I had to do two things: write a story around these hotels and then figure out how to shoot a music video in Taiwan.”
To celebrate the premiere of the video, evan^patrick will be performing with Japan Soul at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn, NY on March 21, 2014.  Buy his debut EP evanpatrick.bandcamp.com.