Rarely do I ever meet anyone via apps/online and stuff.  I mean, like for arts and the such yes, but it never seems to work out for dating or causal sex.  I feel like my wit gets lost in translation.  Or maybe I’m too fat (I’m not).  Or maybe I’m a jerk (I can be). Or maybe these guys are jerks.  I dunno, you decide. HERE IS THE EVIDENCE!

this dude is way into labels.


um, thanks? i think…


um, no.

damn autocorrect!


bad grammar can be a turn off.

ha! autocorrect!



UGH show me ur face loser!

ew. run the other way!

why don’t people wanna show their face? ew…


another fan!

being a d-list local celeb, i get recognized sometimes…

show me your face dude!

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Naked Highway is a multimedia electro-glam outfit from NYC, and most definitely the club-kid of the #plusheartstar family! Skating a thin line between clubby beats & new wave sensibilities, Naked Highway’s recent string of DJ-friendly singles & viral music videos provide a blueprint for group’s impending world domination.