Fundraiser for Huancayo, Peru – 4/12 in Brooklyn

More specifically, it’s a fundraiser to build a fence for a children’s school in Huancayo, called the the Fe y Alegría school. 604 children attend this school and they face threats to their safety on a daily basis. The threats range from things you might easily imagine to some things you might not: kidnappings, rabid animals, diseases contracted from animal waste, and exposure to vendors selling foods unsafe for the children to eat. These threats would all be prevented by the installation of a proper fence enclosing the school grounds. My friend Andres Gomez (Director of Social Progams at the Sisters of Bon Secours Peru) has this fence all planned out. All he needs is… you guessed it. The money. Unfortunately, the fence is expensive and is not readily funded by the powers-that-be in Peru. This is why I’m trying to help Andres. His reach only goes so far, and in today’s world of ALS ice-bucket challenges and Potato Salad Kickstarters, I’m riding the prayer train all the way to the promised land. Seriously though, please help me.

First, read about the project over at indiegogo. Know that it is a Real Thing. Then, if you have any ideas about how to give this puppy some legs, please let me know!

What I have going right now is a show at Muchmore’s April 12th. There are some sweet bands playing (chock full of PHS members) and I’m going to ask for donations at the show. I know indie-rock fans might not have the deepest pockets, so, huge thanks in advance to anyone who comes out to the show and throws a few bucks down. Your contributions will, literally, go a long way. Like over 3,000 miles.

This is the first time in my life that I regret not having a larger social media presence. I’ll… try to rectify that. Get at me on twitter @tygrh and watch me try this. I ain’t scurred.

Please share the indiegogo link everywhere. Thanks and see you at the show!

Quick look at Fence Location