FIRST DATE: Compilation CD #1

Available at Team PHS events!

Available at Team PHS events!

tapas & wine bar
[01] Plastic Utopia (Urban Campfire Live Edition) — Japan Soul
fancy restaurant
[02] Rephrase — Michael Harren
dive bar
[03] Next Generation — Tanuki Suit
[04] Sugar Coated World (Demo) — ATTACK.WAV
[05] Golden Sweater Vest — Little,Big
[06] Cause This (Devin Tait Mix) — Naked Highway
a.m. cab ride
[07] Caution — Backlights

FIRST DATE: Compilation Cassette #1

Why cassettes? So we could hang out with the cool kids at the NYC Cassette Fair on the first international Cassette Store Day!

Team PHS compilation cassette

Blurry, romantic tapes!