Surviving Chinese Banquets with a Shellfish Allergy

Chinese restaurant - neon lights

By King Gabey Former lion dance troupe member King Gabey can eat more than most humans twice his size and has eaten at over 100+ Chinese banquets. For more of his food adventures, visit  Illustrations by Reign of Error. As a foodtard, I’m allergic to all forms of shellfish

My Year Without a Cell Phone

phone snobs

by Aron Blue Aron Blue is a musician and audio engineer. She runs a small record label called SuperMeow Records for all of her punk friends in the Bronx and often records people for free. Her band Aron Blue and Friends will be performing at Legion on October 16.

Render Haikus

rendering glitch

This week’s guest contributor is Jean Choi or jeanbot or bot or bot choi. Queen of the super robots. Devourer of food items.


Werner Herzog Pillow Talk - photo by Wendy Chin

by Wendy Chin and David Tuchman Midweek Madness is on hold this week. Please enjoy this sexy guest post from Wendy & David! I enjoy seeing your beauty before nature destroys it like nature destroys everything. #wernerherzogpillowtalk — David Tuchman (@david_tuchman) August 4, 2013 My darling there is nothing erotic about you because you are of nature [...]

Naked Highway in Brooklyn on 04/22/13

"Cause This" cover

Presented by PopGun Booking TESLA BOY [site] RUMORS [soundcloud] NAKED HIGHWAY [website] SILENT RIDER [soundcloud] AIR ZAIRE (DJ SET) [soundcloud] Show info Artist: Naked Highway Date: 04/22/13 Time: 8:30pm Venue: Glasslands Gallery City: Brooklyn , New York Address: 289 Kent Avenue Country: US Admission: $10 Age restrictions: 21+ More information Notes: Presented by PopGun. With [...]