Fundraiser for Huancayo, Peru – 4/12 in Brooklyn

More specifically, it’s a fundraiser to build a fence for a children’s school in Huancayo, called the the Fe y Alegría school. 604 children attend this school and they face threats to their safety on a daily basis. The threats range from things you might easily imagine to some things you might not: kidnappings, rabid animals, diseases [...]

Precious Christmas (feat. Smeagol)

This is a Christmas song. Somehow Gollum got in the mix and now I can’t tell the difference between Gandalf and Santa. One of them rides a sleigh? And hobbits live on The North Pole? The North Pole. Definitely. Elves are everywhere though, for sure. Gotta have some elves. It never works without them. No [...]

Marina at the Armory

It’s the holidays, the bands are on hiatus, and I am becoming a danger to myself and society. There are limited opportunities for me to play drums and be musical, which are my favorite things in the world. I wander the streets in a daze looking for things to bang on, like trash cans and bollards. (Of the [...]

Thermite is a band

This is our story: Greg was born when a tree got soaked in beer spilled by a hipster and somehow one of its roots impregnated the hipster. It was a cloudy day and Greg was born immediately. Evan was born when a cathode and a diode got together and dematerialized a gazillion nematodes. For a time, [...]

Here’s your stick


Dear synthpoppers, I direct your attention to the right side of this gif. Saw Wave has done something amazing here. [Ed. note: Click to view an enhanced image.] To set the scene: we are mid-song, playing continuous, pulsing rhythms for your enjoyment. No beat can be missed, no key can be un-keyed— or else the whole [...]