Fundraiser for Huancayo, Peru – 4/12 in Brooklyn

More specifically, it’s a fundraiser to build a fence for a children’s school in Huancayo, called the the Fe y Alegría school. 604 children attend this school and they face threats to their safety on a daily basis. The threats range from things you might easily imagine to some things you might not: kidnappings, rabid animals, diseases [...]

ATTACK.WAV + Twin Tapes + Joy Askew @Animal Shelter Benefit Vegan Shindig in Bushwick


Little,Big debuts new video for “Golden Sweater Vest”

"Golden Sweater Vest" video debut

NY indie pop darlings Little,Big have posted a new video for “Golden Sweater Vest” — the first single off their sophomore album “Edgewood.”

My Year Without a Cell Phone

phone snobs

by Aron Blue Aron Blue is a musician and audio engineer. She runs a small record label called SuperMeow Records for all of her punk friends in the Bronx and often records people for free. Her band Aron Blue and Friends will be performing at Legion on October 16.

Last Last Last Week’s Party: NYC Cassette Fair

Silent Barn - Cassette Store Day

The NYC Cassette Fair (aka Cassette Store Day) was amazing! It’s hard to explain what happened; you really had to be there. This must be how people feel after Burning Man. So here are photos instead! P.S., the nice photos are by Bota Sun. She’s the best!

Goin’ Under with Superstar DJ Christy Love!

Christy Live - I'm Goin Under cover

NY club icon Christy Love, one half of the DJ duo House of Stank, recently unleashed her debut single “It’s Goin’ Under” featuring vocals by none other than Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic.  Already setting dance floors on fire, I recently caught up with the lovely Ms. Love to find out how this delicious slice of [...]

CHVRCHES: Charming, Awkward Synthpop


READ THIS IN JAPANESE • 日本語で読む Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. From now on, I’ve decided to write a post (in Japanese and then translate it to English) once a week or so. So, my blogs might be shorter than before but I’m gonna write more often!

Render Haikus

rendering glitch

This week’s guest contributor is Jean Choi or jeanbot or bot or bot choi. Queen of the super robots. Devourer of food items.

Hit Songs that Were B-Sides!

The Smiths cover

In the long-gone days when vinyl records were king, an “A-Side” of a 7” (and later even 12”) single signified the star of the show, the song that an artist was pushing for radio play.  In order to gain higher chart positions as well as more sales from die-hard fans and completists, many artists included [...]


Werner Herzog Pillow Talk - photo by Wendy Chin

by Wendy Chin and David Tuchman Midweek Madness is on hold this week. Please enjoy this sexy guest post from Wendy & David! I enjoy seeing your beauty before nature destroys it like nature destroys everything. #wernerherzogpillowtalk — David Tuchman (@david_tuchman) August 4, 2013 My darling there is nothing erotic about you because you are of nature [...]