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This week’s guest contributor is Jean Choi or jeanbot or bot or bot choi. Queen of the super robots. Devourer of food items.

Midweek Madness: Spendthrift edition

Times Square Night Market

Summer’s almost over, and it’s time to start preparing for fall and purchasing loads of crap so you don’t have to leave your apartment in the winter! Some people purchase pumpkin-scented candles and hand sanitizer to welcome autumn, but Team PHS is shopping for more synth stuff!

Midweek Madness: Busy people edition

Still from Pacific Rim

We have so much to catch up on! Sorry! We’ve been busy! I’m sure you’re busy too, so let’s keep this week’s post short.



Artists Christopher Lee Sauvé and Tubby Lambergini take on Putin with this fabulous art print. Buy it here!


Werner Herzog Pillow Talk - photo by Wendy Chin

by Wendy Chin and David Tuchman Midweek Madness is on hold this week. Please enjoy this sexy guest post from Wendy & David! I enjoy seeing your beauty before nature destroys it like nature destroys everything. #wernerherzogpillowtalk — David Tuchman (@david_tuchman) August 4, 2013 My darling there is nothing erotic about you because you are of nature [...]

Midweek Madness: Late psychology edition

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper

1. This article is more accurate than the horoscope and Myers-Briggs combined: What The Posters In Your First Apartment Say About You Now, The Toast.

Midweek Madness: Animal-free edition


1. Not content with being just a feminist, Ryan Gosling is demanding equality for animals too! Vegans and vegetarians everywhere are swooning.

Midweek Madness: Text-only Edition


It’s not clear that anyone reads these and I’m getting carpal tunnel, so there are no pictures this week! You don’t mind right?

Grimes’s shopping bag is full of surprises

Grimes shopping at Amoeba Music

Grimes did a “What’s in my [shopping] bag?” video with Amoeba Music! I would love to go shopping with her except I would feel dumb about everything.

CD unboxing! All Time Low “Don’t Panic”


Please don’t hate me my little loves, I have not done a CD Unboxing video recently as I haven’t bought any new CDs!  However, here is a wonderful CD Unboxing video by Tree Wave….she is the CD Unboxing queen!