Still 1

For those of you waiting for T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza episodes 2 & 3 – we filmed them a while ago.  Here is the evidence! THE SPACE MERCHANTS

ATTACK.WAV + Twin Tapes + Joy Askew @Animal Shelter Benefit Vegan Shindig in Bushwick


What’s In My Bag? [Post Show Edition]


Tree Wave shows us what it takes to be a musician in NYC. What’s in your bag?  Let us know in the comments!

Last Week’s Party: Just Panic and Get It Over With

Just Panic and Get It Over With

Last week, Pulse and Saw and I went to a collaborative art opening/album release party. The weather was terrible and there were air kisses everywhere! I don’t know how to write about events, obvi. Fortunately, we met luke kurtis, one of the artists featured at the opening, and he took these photos and made a video [...]

Here’s your stick


Dear synthpoppers, I direct your attention to the right side of this gif. Saw Wave has done something amazing here. [Ed. note: Click to view an enhanced image.] To set the scene: we are mid-song, playing continuous, pulsing rhythms for your enjoyment. No beat can be missed, no key can be un-keyed— or else the whole [...]

ATTACK.WAV, VOWS & LITTLE, BIG live at Cake Shop 6/24 8PM! [X_X]v

Cake Shop flyer 06.24.13

Hey guys! ATTACK.WAV is playing with the always adorable Little, big (another plusheartstar band!) and VOWS about a week from now at cake shop!!!  You can RSVP for this once in a lifetime event on facebook and make us feel special (plz? thx!)  GO HERE AND SAY YES TO SYNTH NIGHT!!! Here’s some more news [...]

T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza Episode One!


Hey my loves! T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza Episode One aired on Brooklyn Cable Access a couple of months ago and features many #plusheartstar bands, including ATTACK.wav, Tanuki Suit, Little Big and Backlights! Hosted by T-Bone and produced by our very own Tree Wave! Take a look! It’ll take you back to a time when music videos [...]

Two plusheartstar bands & video shoot all in one night – can u dig??


Hey darlings, check it!  Both ATTACK.WAV and LITTLE,BIG will be performing at OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD  (538 E. 14th St. NYC) this Friday night May 10th! Not only is the event FREE but you will also have the opportunity to appear in LB’s new music video “Golden Sweater Vest” LB sez “It’s a dancy dancy disco song about [...]