Naked Highway Takes Your ‘Self Control’ NSFW

Naked Highway - Single Cover (Amiee Stubbs:Jared Jones)

NYC’s dance floor darlings NAKED HIGHWAY ( usher in the springtime with their new single ‘Self Control’ – an innovative cover of Laura Branigan’s classic 80’s hit! Naked Highway ups the NSFW ante for ’Self Control’ by shooting it in an actual NYC sex club with a guest appearances by adult film star Aleks Buldocek [...]


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PlusHeartStar’s very own Naked Highway has just launched a new web series!  ‘Cooking with Naked Highway’ features their perspectives on ‘Vegan stoner cuisine’ from their studio in Greenpoint , Brooklyn!  For the first episode, they create their oun spin on the classic Brownie in a Mug!  Each episode will feature a performance (usually while things [...]


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I have a theory.  What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!

CD Unboxing! JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound “Howl”

jc brooks1

It’s been a while since we’ve done a CD Unboxing video, mainly because I haven’t bought any CDs!  JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound recently played The Bell House in Brooklyn and I picked up their CD…and a broken tambourine.  Details in the video below…

What’s In My Bag? [Post Show Edition]


Tree Wave shows us what it takes to be a musician in NYC. What’s in your bag?  Let us know in the comments!

Mercurial – A Short Film – 12 Q&A’s with Director Sasha Santiago


Watch the new short film Mercurial at 1.What is the first movie you remember watching that made you want to make a movie yourself? My father took me to go see Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy on its opening weekend. This was the summer of 1990. I remember not wanting to leave the theater after the movie finished. [...]

David Lee Rotten Releases Debut Solo Single! (with help from Cher & Manila Luzon!) #TBT


David Lee Rotten bursts onto the music scene with his solo debut single/video, “If I Could Turn Back Time”, a surprisingly fresh cover of the Cher classic.

Thermite is a band

This is our story: Greg was born when a tree got soaked in beer spilled by a hipster and somehow one of its roots impregnated the hipster. It was a cloudy day and Greg was born immediately. Evan was born when a cathode and a diode got together and dematerialized a gazillion nematodes. For a time, [...]

Midweek Madness: Novelty record packaging, changes afoot at Atlantic Center, and so on

yarn all we need is love & money

How long does a yarn bomb last? Will it get all stretched out? And whatever happened to Wagga Wagga spiders?

T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza Episode One!


Hey my loves! T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza Episode One aired on Brooklyn Cable Access a couple of months ago and features many #plusheartstar bands, including ATTACK.wav, Tanuki Suit, Little Big and Backlights! Hosted by T-Bone and produced by our very own Tree Wave! Take a look! It’ll take you back to a time when music videos [...]