Friday Night Sad Party: “Knives” by Lemolo

Lemolo - Practice Space stills

Summer’s officially over! Do you have seasonal affective disorder yet? To honor the loss of sunlight, here is a haunting dream-pop track by Lemolo

Friday Night Dance Party: LCD Soundsystem — “Losing My Edge”

LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge still

Did you see that recent Buzzfeed article “30 Signs You’re Almost 30“? I really connected with about 20 of the list items. So it seems appropriate for tonight’s FNDP feature to be an ancient song by a band that no longer exists:

Friday night dance party: We Are The Physics — Napoleon Loves Josephine

We Are The Physics - Napoleon Loves Josephine video still

We Are The Physics is the best mutant science punk rock band of all time! And Napoleon Loves Josephine is my favorite song ever for pre-party preparations!

Friday night dance party: VOWS – Symbol System

VOWS - still from Symbol System

Listening to VOWS makes me feel like I’m in a “seedy, underground dance club after everybody has left”* — instead of “in my kitchen, surrounded by crumbs and piles of paper”. Their music’s like magic! Don’t take my word for it: put on your headphones and watch their video! What did you think? VOWS is amazing [...]

Friday night dance party: SSION – FEELZ GOOD (4-EVR)

SSION - Feelz Good

It’s raining outside! Were you really planning to go out? Yeah, me too, I was planning to go to the supermarket.