FREE DOWNLOAD! @Chromeo “Sexy Socialite” Salva Remix


Chromeo is back with their forthcoming album White Women.  Check this dope remix for their latest single “Sexy Socialite” – a free download on their Soundcloud page. Love these guys! xo

Thermite is a band

This is our story: Greg was born when a tree got soaked in beer spilled by a hipster and somehow one of its roots impregnated the hipster. It was a cloudy day and Greg was born immediately. Evan was born when a cathode and a diode got together and dematerialized a gazillion nematodes. For a time, [...]

Midweek Madness – Go, MIA, and a PSA

Mtv VMAs in Brooklyn

¶ Michael Harren released Go today. He writes: This song was written in memory of my mother, Donna Harren,

Midweek Madness – Free music, Mormons, and punks


¶ Free music! Little, Big says: You forgot to make that playlist for your July 4th BBQ? Yeah, Thursday holidays are tough. Solution: Grab the July 2013 Mixtape from CMJ.

Free download! “Cause This” by Naked Highway

"Cause This" cover

My lovelies, to celebrate the fact that Naked Highway‘s latest single “Cause This” is receiving national airplay on over 70 dance radio stations across the United States (including NYC’s biggest dance station, WKTU!), the group is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD for a Tweet of the unreleased “Definitive Club Edit” version of the song. This remix can only be download through [...]

Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Free Download

Sweet Billy Pilgrim

I first discovered Sweet Billy Pilgrim back in 2005 or so. I can’t even remember the blog that first wrote about them, but I have been a die-hard fan ever since. They have a cool banjo-prog-laptop-twisted sound that I just love. They teamed with Mojo this week and are making their most recent album available [...]