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For those of you waiting for T-Bone’s Band Extravaganza episodes 2 & 3 – we filmed them a while ago.  Here is the evidence! THE SPACE MERCHANTS

Read “deviations”, a novel by Christopher Arcella

deviations (1)

Japan Soul “Hey Yah Hey” video director Christopher Arcella has written a new novel called “deviations” and it’s up on sale at Amazon.

It’s only $5 and I can’t recommend this book enough.

Midweek Madness: Spendthrift edition

Times Square Night Market

Summer’s almost over, and it’s time to start preparing for fall and purchasing loads of crap so you don’t have to leave your apartment in the winter! Some people purchase pumpkin-scented candles and hand sanitizer to welcome autumn, but Team PHS is shopping for more synth stuff!

Midweek Madness: Late psychology edition

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper

1. This article is more accurate than the horoscope and Myers-Briggs combined: What The Posters In Your First Apartment Say About You Now, The Toast.

Midweek Madness: Animal-free edition


1. Not content with being just a feminist, Ryan Gosling is demanding equality for animals too! Vegans and vegetarians everywhere are swooning.

Midweek Madness: Text-only Edition


It’s not clear that anyone reads these and I’m getting carpal tunnel, so there are no pictures this week! You don’t mind right?

Midweek Madness – Go, MIA, and a PSA

Mtv VMAs in Brooklyn

¶ Michael Harren released Go today. He writes: This song was written in memory of my mother, Donna Harren,

Midweek Madness: Novelty record packaging, changes afoot at Atlantic Center, and so on

yarn all we need is love & money

How long does a yarn bomb last? Will it get all stretched out? And whatever happened to Wagga Wagga spiders?

Midweek Madness: Vacation is over, concerts, and a new remix video

Chvrches Webster Hall

TONIGHT: Low is playing with Mike Doughty at the Music Hall of Williamsburg! It’s not too late to do something with your life! Go see them!

Japan Soul records “Plastic Utopia” Urban Campfire Live Edition


This weekend Japan Soul got together and recorded a live acoustic version of their debut single “Plastic Utopia”. For your listening pleasure: https://soundcloud.com/japansoul/plastic-utopia-urban-campfire