Fundraiser for Huancayo, Peru – 4/12 in Brooklyn

More specifically, it’s a fundraiser to build a fence for a children’s school in Huancayo, called the the Fe y Alegría school. 604 children attend this school and they face threats to their safety on a daily basis. The threats range from things you might easily imagine to some things you might not: kidnappings, rabid animals, diseases [...]


Werner Herzog Pillow Talk - photo by Wendy Chin

by Wendy Chin and David Tuchman Midweek Madness is on hold this week. Please enjoy this sexy guest post from Wendy & David! I enjoy seeing your beauty before nature destroys it like nature destroys everything. #wernerherzogpillowtalk — David Tuchman (@david_tuchman) August 4, 2013 My darling there is nothing erotic about you because you are of nature [...]

Free download! “Cause This” by Naked Highway

"Cause This" cover

My lovelies, to celebrate the fact that Naked Highway‘s latest single “Cause This” is receiving national airplay on over 70 dance radio stations across the United States (including NYC’s biggest dance station, WKTU!), the group is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD for a Tweet of the unreleased “Definitive Club Edit” version of the song. This remix can only be download through [...]