Friday night dance party: VOWS – Symbol System

VOWS - still from Symbol System

Listening to VOWS makes me feel like I’m in a “seedy, underground dance club after everybody has left”* — instead of “in my kitchen, surrounded by crumbs and piles of paper”. Their music’s like magic! Don’t take my word for it: put on your headphones and watch their video! What did you think? VOWS is amazing [...]

ATTACK.WAV, VOWS & LITTLE, BIG live at Cake Shop 6/24 8PM! [X_X]v

Cake Shop flyer 06.24.13

Hey guys! ATTACK.WAV is playing with the always adorable Little, big (another plusheartstar band!) and VOWS about a week from now at cake shop!!!  You can RSVP for this once in a lifetime event on facebook and make us feel special (plz? thx!)  GO HERE AND SAY YES TO SYNTH NIGHT!!! Here’s some more news [...]